Basic Bomberman84 : Install instructions and review !

I noticed a nice basic game released on ticalc, a small basic bomberman called Bomb84 from Villicus.

Let’s give it a try !

First download the game from here.

Then transfer the file inside the zip (BOMB84.8xp) to your calculator using tilp or ticonnect and you will have :

Press enter to start the game and you will see a nice title :

(The title is animated, with a kind of loading bar on “Bomberman”).

First have a look at Informations :

Ok no surprise here.
Press enter to see the controls :

We only need arrows and 2nd keys to play :D

Let’s go :D

When you touch the dumbass or when you explose with your own bomb, you will get :

And the game quit (would be nice to return to the menu instead of leaving game completely).

To conclude, bomb84 is a nice basic bomberman, but there’s some better implementations like Bomberkids (multiplayer !)

Have fun !


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