Benumbered : Install instructions and review of the top best puzzle game for ti84 !

Benumbered is a great game close to candy crush saga. This is an amazing project with fantastic graphics !
You have graylevels, animations, everything you can request is implemented by cerzus69
You can download benumbered on its ticalc page
The game look like this (SPOIL the article :P)

You need mirageOS, ION or doorcs to run this game, so let’s download ION from this page

Then transfer ION and Benumbered and you get :

Select ION and press enter :

ION program is now ready to be executed, press enter :

Ion is installed :

Now go to prgm menu and select A:

Execute A to launch ION :

WOW it crash ??????!!!! BAD BEAT !
Seems like ION doesn’t like benumbered. (I haven’t tried on real calc).
No problem, let’s try with mirageOS :)
Download mirageOS from this link
Got to apps :

Select miragos :

MirageOS menu starts, open main with 2nd :

Select the game and press 2nd :

Transfer the doorcs.8xk :

Got to apps :

Select it :

Press enter and doorcs starts, close the welcome window :

Move cursor on the icon and press enter :

The game starts :

Multiples modes, seems really cool. Let’s play :

Quit the game :

Congrats cerzus69, great project, amazing work !!!

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