Digger : A great project from chickendude

I noticed a nice project from chickendude called Digger ! In this game, the user needs to escape policemen to accomplish his anarchist project (simply tag on the walls ) As you can see, the game is very well done … Continue Reading →

Benumbered : Install instructions and review of the top best puzzle game for ti84 !

Benumbered is a great game close to candy crush saga. This is an amazing project with fantastic graphics ! You have graylevels, animations, everything you can request is implemented by cerzus69 You can download benumbered on its ticalc page The … Continue Reading →

Basic Bomberman84 : Install instructions and review !

I noticed a nice basic game released on ticalc, a small basic bomberman called Bomb84 from Villicus. Let’s give it a try ! First download the game from here. Then transfer the file inside the zip (BOMB84.8xp) to your calculator … Continue Reading →

Fruit ninja : install instructions and review

Do you know fruit ninja? Yes of course you know it !!! Deep thought made a very nice remake of this game for our beloved ti 84 plus ! You can download it here : OK let’s start testing ! … Continue Reading →

Squareball : Installation and test of a great ti 84 plus game

I will show you how to install and play squareball game. Squareball is a game for ti 84 plus. The author is Stefan Bauwens and squareball is written in Axe. This is a clone of an iOS game : You … Continue Reading →

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