ti83 assembly : minimum compilable file

Hey, FYI, here a minimum source code which could compile with spasm. ;.nolist ;.list .org $9327 ;call 4755h ret ;.end Do not use this file, spasm is tab sensitive, simply download this mini.txt file : mini Then compile it with … Continue Reading →

Spasm on linux 64bits : How to install and fix common issues.

You’re looking for an assembler for ti83 or ti84? And you have a GNU/Linux 64 bits ? Let’s go download spasm ! Ok, as you can see this is a simple binary, and that’s not really a good idea but … Continue Reading →

Benumbered : Install instructions and review of the top best puzzle game for ti84 !

Benumbered is a great game close to candy crush saga. This is an amazing project with fantastic graphics ! You have graylevels, animations, everything you can request is implemented by cerzus69 You can download benumbered on its ticalc page The … Continue Reading →

tilibs install : libticalcs, libticables, libtifiles and libticonv download and GNU/Linux install howto

Let’s start an howto about the install of libtis which are required by several GNU/Linux tools (tilp, tilem2). What’s the purpose of these libraries? Libtis are essentials to handle : file format (libtifiles) file conversion like grouping (libticonv) multiples cables … Continue Reading →

ti 84 plus : Compile and run an hello world C program

This is an howto about C compilation for ti83 calculator. This is not very hard if you follow my instructions This topic will talk about C programming for TI83 regular (neither ti84+ nor ti83+). As you will see, this is … Continue Reading →

How to create a custom tilem skin with skinedit

I will try to create a skin for tilem2 and I will do it step by step. This howto is done on a Windows7 platform but GNU/Linux is basically the same Ok let’s start looking for an huge picture of … Continue Reading →

How to install notefolio

Every steps to install notefolio for your ti 84 plus (computer and calc side). Very detailed article ! If you tried to install notefolio, you should have noticed that ,notefolio is not easy to set up… That’s a shame as … Continue Reading →

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