Digger : A great project from chickendude

I noticed a nice project from chickendude called Digger ! In this game, the user needs to escape policemen to accomplish his anarchist project (simply tag on the walls ) As you can see, the game is very well done … Continue Reading →

TI 84 plus C se : Release of Doors 8.0 CSE !

KermMartian, our beloved genius and prolific community member (Author of books, webmaster of Cemetech) release his ultimate shell for ti84 plus Color se ! Have a look immediately at this doorcs8 page and give it a try ! The shell … Continue Reading →

Omnimaga contest “Calculator gaming roots” is close to be finished !

The famous Omnimaga community website organized a nice contest with a focus on addictive games. In  the announcement they specify that there’s two sections : Basic Others (asm, axe, grammer…) And the rules : Rules: 1: The game must not … Continue Reading →

HP Prime is coming soon

Yes that’s true this is not Texas Instrument product … But this seems to be a success, at least for third party developpers Since its announcement, I’m waiting for this calc for multiple reasons : This is an arm core … Continue Reading →

Deeph released an alpha version of TI-Lib

Who said C programming on ti 84 plus is totally crazy ?! Some time ago, I made some testing on different C compiler for z80 platform (see this thread) and I finally conclude that “it could work” but without really … Continue Reading →

Cemetech contest #10 : the end

The cemetech #10 contest is finished. The subject was “physics”. You can read the annoucement here : The final results are : “Projectile Project” from Zeldaking “Space” from 16aroth6 “Holefield” from Matetreyfontias Congratulations to the winners and all contestants. Source … Continue Reading →

Qasm : Quick Assembly SDK v2.0

William White (a long time member of the ti community) created a small tool called qasm which allow to create assembly programs easily. The same file could be converted for multiple targets including the one we talk about here (ti 84 … Continue Reading →

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