Forum evolution !

Check out the new forum : forum portal. There’s a lot of new features : – Shoutbox – Portal – New theme – New forum engine (always smf, but migration to 2.0.6) – Pretty url (not important for humans) I … Continue Reading →

TI 84 plus C SE : AssemblyBandit uploaded Pacman !

~AssemblyBandit~ continues to provide us amazing productions ! This week, he uploaded Pacman for ti 84 plus cse : Look like incredible ! This time, source code seems not to be included at the moment.  

TI 84 plus C SE : Release of a great game called Steins !

Monday I noticed the upload of an amazing project on ticalc called steins;gate 8bits. The author is calc84maniac, the grandmaster who released the incredible tiboy (nintendo game boy emulator for ti83+/ti84+, poty winner 2009) : and gbc4nspire : and gbsp … Continue Reading →

Cookie clicker : The current available clones for ti 84 plus

Yesterday I was looking for a good cookie clicker game for ti84… Maybe some of you don’t know the game Cookie Clicker ? This is a very addictive game you can play in a web browser. This game is endless … Continue Reading →

ti 84 plus C se : hello world assembly !

Hey, Today I will explain how to create and compile your first ti 84 plus CSE assembly program ! This is of course a noshell program, we will run it with Asm( I have made this hello world without having … Continue Reading →

Using the TI-83 Plus/TI-84 Plus : The book written by kermMartian is released !

Our very valuable community member kermMartian release soon a new book about our beloved calculators. The book is called ”Using the TI-83 Plus/TI-84 Plus” and is available on the manning publication website !   source :

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