Cookie clicker : The current available clones for ti 84 plus

Yesterday I was looking for a good cookie clicker game for ti84…

Maybe some of you don’t know the game Cookie Clicker ?

This is a very addictive game you can play in a web browser. This game is endless :)

During the Omnimaga Contest 2013, someone started a basic cookie clicker but sadly, the basic demo will never be released :(

This is the defunct demo :

But I found another basic Cookie Clicker from Luxen !

Have a look at this one :D

First download the game here.

Then send CCTI.8xg to your calc using ticonnect or tilp. You will have something like this :

Notice there’s more than one file… That’s because this is a 8xg which is a “Group” file !

First before starting the game, launch CCPKGSTP (Cookie Clicker Package Setup I think :D ) :
cc06 cc07

It will define the required variables to allow the game to work properly. If you don’t do this, you will have an undefined error :


Then start with AStart :


Press enter and game starts :


Let’s play :

The stats :

The shop :


Keys are user friendly (use enter to validate, arrows to move, enter to click cookie).

Great !


There’s also another cookie clicker clone from Omar Chebab. But I don’t tested it !

To conclude, there’s a coockie clicker for ti84plus cse from peter schmidt.

Here’s a quick preview of what’s this game :

The stats

The main page with the cookie :




Save state :



You’re ready to play cookie clicker on your ti84 plus now !

Enjoy !


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