Deeph released an alpha version of TI-Lib

Who said C programming on ti 84 plus is totally crazy ?! :D

Some time ago, I made some testing on different C compiler for z80 platform (see this thread) and I finally conclude that “it could work” but without really conclude that it’s a good idea. The compiler used was z88dk (sdcc should work too).

C programming on ti-84 is a good or a bad idea?

Yes that’s the question, a lot of people says that C programming is not good because, due to the 8bits registers, compiler can’t do a great job… Ok but we can avoid this problem if we do limited (subset) C (knowing which instruction is bad, floating stuff should be bad I guess).

The second issue is that z80 calc have a very very limited amount of memory and including functions could simply fill the entire memory for only a printf(“Hello world\n”); That’s a real problem :)
There’s a perfect sample of what I say on this thread (load custom font?) .

So the real issue was to provide ASSEMBLY functions to handle basic tasks (the z88dk lib is very poor). And deeph started to do it and proves us that C programming could be possible.
(Deeph is also a yaronet z80 forum admin while we talk about him !)

The lib currently provides sprites routines, get key, dialog, rectangle, contrast, speed (proc) and more…
Great Job !

Download C TI-Lib
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