How to create a custom tilem skin with skinedit

I will try to create a skin for tilem2 and I will do it step by step.
This howto is done on a Windows7 platform but GNU/Linux is basically the same :)
Ok let’s start looking for an huge picture of a calculator on google.
First I don’t want to have such an enormous skin (big size 1.2M, and big resolution).
So I launch it into The Gimp :
And discover that the picture is 1896×3368 wow !
Next I resize it (keeping proportions) to 900 px width and the height is automatically set to 1599.
Ok that’s better.
I export it (TheGimp automatically save as xcf in its recent versions and jpg is done by exporting).
Now the size is around 420k, that’s OK, and the most important is that the skin will be correctly displaid by TilEm2 and with a sufficient resolution.
Now I open Tiemu-Skinedit (wow I need GTK+ runtime 2.6 : to install tiemu-skinedit on windows).
Ok I have skinedit.
I do File>New then load the file.JPG
A pop up ask for title, author, model, contrast. I put  Tuto, Thibault, Ti84+ and let contrast as I was already checked.
I set LCD then I set On and 1 (as it’s not a real skin I don’t need to set all the keys).
Then I save it.
Now I launch tilem :)
I set the skin and it appears normally.
If you want you could send me your skin(s) (when you get one as you want) it could be eventually integrated for the next release of tilem :)
P.S.: You can find TilEm2 on this page :

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