HP Prime is coming soon

Yes that’s true this is not Texas Instrument product …

But this seems to be a success, at least for third party developpers :)
Since its announcement, I’m waiting for this calc for multiple reasons :

  • This is an arm core
  • HP has always been cool with developpers (against recent closed nspire platforms)
  • HP calcs are good products even if HP forget to release calcs often (HP 48 etc… is really old !)
  • The HP prime has a nice look and feel !

Why arm is cool ?
Because it’s a nice processor for programmers (lot of registers, special command to update flag or not, barrel shifter…)
And because we will have a speed device (133MHz! compared to 6MHz for the ti83, 15MHz for ti84plus…)

And much more memory :)

Basically this is a close model to casio prizm or ti nspire (but a little bit better).

In fact, I wait because I hope this calc will be really open for native programming.
I never switched to nspire assembly because I think even if we can’t play with it, each nspire model has different hack and it’s really hard for users to instal third party games.

HP Prime could offer a good toy for every developpers like me.


The hp prime

Wait and see, time will tell !

Price is fixed around 150$ that’s not cheap but that’s correct…

But as soon as this calc will be released, I purchase on, believe me !


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