Interview : William White !

Hi William White, you’re a great member of the TI community, thank you to answer our questions !
Let’s talk a bit about your last project, qasm which seems very cool !
Why did you started this project? 
I started the project several years ago when coding for several calcs at the same time.

Rarely do I release a program without porting to most models, so it was the sensible thing to try.

Do you intend to keep working on it in the futur?
Eventually I plan to have to program implement Kerm Martian’s binpax8x and compile the code straight to program.

Also, I’ll probably add in color bitmap conversions for the Nspire and TI-73 support. Also Flash App support for 73/83+/84+

What is possible/impossible currently with this tool? Could you program a complete game like mario or tetris using qasm?

QASM can be integrated into ANY TI z80 asm project. What’s not currently possible, other than listed above, is .wav (sound) and .mpg (video) conversion. Both are being considered, but unlikely due to usefulness.
I’ll probably include sound and video just for the green sticker.
What about the size of the resulting file (generated), you tell the word “optimized”, so I guess it’s more or less not much bigger than a program directly designed in assembly?
The assembly code could be smaller in many cases, but the aim was compatibility. Most possible improvements are on a case-by-case basis and not generally needed.
According to, I see you’re a long time member of the ti community, tell us a bit more about these really old stories (the team, how you began, really bored production, parasoft…).
I’ve been programming since 2000/2001. Learned from MANY better coders: Levi Lansing, Morgan Davies, THE MAGNUS HAGANDER, Haroon I, Patrick Davidson, Sam Heald. Basically chatted with most of the “Golden Age” giants. With few friends in high school we started Really Bored Productions in 2001. As with most groups we struggled with staying active. So a revamp occured as RBP 2, which suffered the same issues. And a final attempt, RBPx around 2005/2006 but fizzled out as real life became busier. With Parasoft I was an honorary member. The community has really shrunk since the peak in 2001-2003. I blame smart phones. :-D
Please tell me more about you, what you do IRL, your hobbies…

Right now the focus is getting an Associates from ITT Tech while working 2 jobs and investing.

Hobbies: Numismatics, Coding, Texas Hold ‘em, eTrade.

Why you started coding stuff for calc? Do you do some other stuff (computer side)?
Needed a creative outlet when cancer took my father. On the computer side of it I code C/C++ and web scripting (javascript/html/css/php/perl). I really need to learn ajax and am very interested in making short cgi films or helping on an mmorpg. So much to do, so little time.
Which kind of advice could you give to newbies?

Keep coding and try not to be dissuaded by those of us who can and DO make the greyscale/color games that everyone seems to be playing. Study, practice, and talk to us old salty guys. We don’t bite LOL Setting goals and experimenting go A LONG way. @nspire coders: why aren’t we seeing original art coming out? Or maybe a Paintshop program? hint hint Sonic/Zelda/MK3 would be nice another HINT HINT

And finally, tell us what you want, this is your part !!!
Finally. more about myself: to all coders new and old: I’m on occasionally, so feel free to add :-D
To conclude :

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