Omnimaga contest “Calculator gaming roots” is close to be finished !

The famous Omnimaga community website organized a nice contest with a focus on addictive games.

InĀ  the announcement they specify that there’s two sections :

  • Basic
  • Others (asm, axe, grammer…)

And the rules :

1: The game must not contain adult material or extremely offensive content (such as racial slurs).

2: You are not allowed to enter a project that was started prior the start of the contest. You can use code, images, and ideas from it, though.

3: You are allowed (and encouraged) to announce updates and screenshots of your project anywhere, but you are NOT allowed to provide any download copies of it (or the entire source code) to anyone until the end of the contest.

4: Help is allowed, as long as you respect rule #3. Also, keep in mind that usage of other people’s code may affect your originality score considerably.

5: You must have a forum account to participate.

6: Only one entry per person per category is allowed

7: Your entry must be submitted before November 6th 2013, 11:59 PM UTC-5. We will not be accepting any more entries past this deadline.

8: Omnimaga has the right to change and modify the rules at any time.

Forum members interested in judging should message a staff member. You may judge any category that you are not participating in. A grading rubric will be posted soon as it has been typed up.

There’s some cool prizes : TI84 plus C SE for the winners of each category, and other ti8x calcs for second places (ti83+, ti85, ti82 …)

The contest will end up soon and you only have 12 days to post your entries.

Deadline is november the 6th.

The entries must be sent to O M N I M A G A 2 0 1 3 @ G M A I L (DOT) COM

Good luck

Further informations :
Prizes announcement


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