Basic Bomberman84 : Install instructions and review !

I noticed a nice basic game released on ticalc, a small basic bomberman called Bomb84 from Villicus. Let’s give it a try ! First download the game from here. Then transfer the file inside the zip (BOMB84.8xp) to your calculator … Continue Reading →

Omnimaga contest “Calculator gaming roots” is close to be finished !

The famous Omnimaga community website organized a nice contest with a focus on addictive games. In  the announcement they specify that there’s two sections : Basic Others (asm, axe, grammer…) And the rules : Rules: 1: The game must not … Continue Reading →

ti 84 plus C se : new assembly game called frogger !

Today I noticed a new game for the ti 84 plus C se calculator. ~AssemblyBandit~ which just have released IViewer now release Frogger . Frogger is a game where you need to pass through the screen to join the upper side of … Continue Reading →

ti 84 plus : Compile and run an hello world C program

This is an howto about C compilation for ti83 calculator. This is not very hard if you follow my instructions This topic will talk about C programming for TI83 regular (neither ti84+ nor ti83+). As you will see, this is … Continue Reading →

ti 84 plus C se : hello world assembly !

Hey, Today I will explain how to create and compile your first ti 84 plus CSE assembly program ! This is of course a noshell program, we will run it with Asm( I have made this hello world without having … Continue Reading →

Interview : Stefan Bauwens !

Hi Stefan Bauwens, you’re a great member of the TI community (z80 and 68k), thank you to answer our questions ! Let’s talk a bit about your projects, maybe we could start with the one which is the most famous … Continue Reading →

HP Prime is coming soon

Yes that’s true this is not Texas Instrument product … But this seems to be a success, at least for third party developpers Since its announcement, I’m waiting for this calc for multiple reasons : This is an arm core … Continue Reading →

Deeph released an alpha version of TI-Lib

Who said C programming on ti 84 plus is totally crazy ?! Some time ago, I made some testing on different C compiler for z80 platform (see this thread) and I finally conclude that “it could work” but without really … Continue Reading →

Interview : William White !

Hi William White, you’re a great member of the TI community, thank you to answer our questions ! Let’s talk a bit about your last project, qasm which seems very cool ! Why did you started this project?  I started … Continue Reading →

Fruit ninja : install instructions and review

Do you know fruit ninja? Yes of course you know it !!! Deep thought made a very nice remake of this game for our beloved ti 84 plus ! You can download it here : OK let’s start testing ! … Continue Reading →

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