Squareball : Installation and test of a great ti 84 plus game

I will show you how to install and play squareball game.

Squareball is a game for ti 84 plus. The author is Stefan Bauwens and squareball is written in Axe.

This is a clone of an iOS game : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r7evuppZaTo

You need Doorcs7 to play this game, but I will explain step by step how to install it.

Let’s go !

First download squareball here :

You also need doorcs7 : http://www.ticalc.org/pub/83plus/flash/shells/dcs7.zip

Then unzip doorcs7 and squareball and send them on your ti 84 plus.

You will have :



Then send DoorCS7.8xk and SBALL.8Xp to your calculator and you will have :



Squareball is archived but don’t care about it, doorcs7 could start it anyway :)


Start doorcs7 :



Move the cursor on the [X] and press enter.

Repeat it for the tips and trick popup and you will have finally the doorscs7 desktop :


Move the cursor on SBALL and press enter ! 

You can see a nice menu :



Great !

Choose an item with arrows and press 2nd to validate.

Let’s start testing squareball :

Aw, I tested it on real calc and it’s better but basically it look like this :


That’s pretty cool with grayscales and gameplay :)

Let’s have a look at legend just to be complete :


Now you know how to install and play squareball !

Official squareball gif :



Link : http://www.ticalc.org/pub/83plus/asm/games/doorscs/squareball.zip

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